Key Benefits

• Access cash before your events

TROI operates on the Shotgun infrastructure, providing you with the ability to access your funds instantly, aiding in the financing of your event productions.

Your organizer account, managed within the Shotgun backend (Smartboard), will be seamlessly linked to a segregated Stripe account, which will be accessible by you only. This means not only that your ticketing revenues are safe, but that you can access them right from the very first sale, with the freedom to make multiple transfers at your convenience, without any restrictions or delays (transfers typically complete within 48 hours). Any remaining balance in your account will be automatically transferred within 24 hours from the end of your event, ensuring a hassle-free experience with no waiting periods.

• Double platform exposure

TROI and Shotgun platforms are fully integrated. When you create an event, it instantly appears on both platforms, resulting in a double exposure. This means your event gains visibility on TROI with a segmented and highly targeted audience, while simultaneously reaching a broader, more general audience on Shotgun

• Enter a space tailored for the underground electronic music movement and sell the tickets to a highly segmented audience

By becoming an active part of TROI, you will join a like-minded community from a specific niche within the electronic music universe.

Your listed events won't get lost among others which are musically unrelated. Instead, they will stand out in a dedicated space focused on specific realms within the electronic music scene.

Enjoy the best of both worlds: being listed next to coherent events and parties from the same space will facilitate the audience discovery and the awareness of your brand, while you will be still able to get exposure to a more generalist audience by having your event automatically listed on Shotgun (also, you can get passive views and additional visibility by listing your events on other platforms where when appropriate)

• Empower who truly support the scene you are part of and let’s grow together

Joining us and actively utilizing this ticketing solution will automatically translate in empowering a platform that over the years provided an unconditional support to the underground electronic music movement, including but not limited to artists, promoters, and record labels with a special eye for the grassroot and up-and-coming talented collectives.

This commitment fosters a positive, mutually beneficial relationship and result in increasing even more the constant support and exploration of the ever evolving underground electronic music scene. By doing so, you will not only strengthen the community you are part of, but you will be allowing to unlock unexpressed potential, more and better coverage as well as the chance to explore in-depth aspects about the scene as well as and new forms of promotion and exchange of knowledge

• Advanced technology and marketing tools

Leverage a wide range of marketing tools to grow and engage your community and enhance your event marketing efforts.

These tools include demographic and behavioral insights about your audience, interactive maps for geolocating your clients, the ability to send newsletters from your private organizer area, ambassador programs, tracking links, promo codes, private ticket links, offline tickets, guest lists, and invitations, ticketing widgets, and white-label pages that can be embedded on your website, among many others. For more information, visit

• Unlock more benefits and further promotion for your brand

Using our platform and committing to our project will create the basis to obtain a tailored, personalised and more comprehensive promotion via Trommel