The stated objective of TROI ticketing solution is to reunite the underground event organizers, festivals, ravers and music lovers and offer a virtual space tailored for them and their needs, where each participant will be properly represented. A space where to thrive individually and, by doing so, collectively.

Powered by technology, this platform offers great marketing tools and a solid infrastructure, as many ticketing providers already do. However, this new solution aims at bringing a differential aspect to it: it is conceived and stemming directly from Trommel media platform which, among others, over the years fiercely supported and organically represented the underground universe.

TROI is intended to become a network of peers and like-minded passionate participants within specific realms of underground electronic music giving it a real sense of a community inspiring and supporting each other to grow and evolve with a sense of togetherness rather than simply being a technical and practical tool aimed at ticket sales only. Via the backing of such established platform as Trommel. the intention is to empower the exchange of more in-depth knowledge and diffused information about everyone involved in the process, be it from the artists, promoters, agents, press representatives and of course, the audience and beyond.